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Season Two


Game of Thrones: The Final Finale Recap


On a very special episode of Thought Fuzz, Mike and Aaron shift gears and discuss the controversial finale of Game of Thrones, one of the world’s most popular prestige television shows, by asking to what extent the fans own the story and to what extent power is a kind of storytelling. Join them as they take a deep dive and say good bye to one of their most beloved long form series ever.

Valar Morghulis: all shows must end.

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Game of Thrones: Is Monarchy Ethical?


     "I am the State," Louis XIV said. "I am the Podcast," Michael replied. So began a debate for our times, on a very special, very Canadian episode of Thought Fuzz, in which our hosts tackle one of the most esteemed of national institutions -- no, not maple syrup, not hockey, nor even socialized healthcare. The subject: the House of Windsor, the monarchy of Canada. What is it good for? Why have it? Canadians tell themselves their country is celebrated the world over for its progressive leaning, its inclusive society, and forward-looking ideals and political system; yet we retain hereditary, unelected rule. One of our most beloved holidays, May 24th, is the birthday of a queen who hasn't ruled over us in more than a century. This week, Mike and Aaron debate the merits of monarchy itself, and ask if it still has any place in a modern, western democracy.

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